Medical equipment

Mechanical Laboratory MECH-TEST performs safety, mechanical, physical, flammability and acoustics testing of: Medical devices Class I (tests according to harmonized standards under the Medical Devices Directive 2007/47/EC) which include, in particular:

  • Manually propelled wheelchairs and electrically powered wheelchairs for adults and children – according to PN-EN 12183:2010, PN-EN 12184:2010,
  • Elbow crutches and walking sticks with three or more legs – according to PN-EN ISO 11334-1 and PN-EN ISO 11334-4,
  • Walking aids manipulated by both arms – according to PN-EN ISO 11199-1 and PN-EN ISO 11199-2,
  • Stretchers and other patient handling equipment – according to PN-EN 1865,
  • Technical aids for disabled persons – according to PN-EN 12182,
  • Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons – according to PN-EN ISO 10535,
  • Adjustable beds for disabled persons – according to PN-EN 1970,
  • Medical electrical beds – according to PN-EN 60601-2-38,
  • Operating tables – according to PN-EN 60601-2-46,
  • Spectacle frames – according to PN-EN ISO 12870,
  • Medical vehicles and their equipment – according to PN-EN 1789, especially endurance testing of attachment of medical equipment in medical vehicles tested in conditions of simulated collision with roadblock (deceleration 10 g),
  • Medical gas pipeline systems and terminal units for medical gases and vacuum– according to PN-EN 737,
  • Medical supply units – according to PN-EN ISO 11197.

Mechanical Laboratory MECH-TEST is also capable of testing of other medical products agreed-upon with a Client. When testing is completed the laboratory issues test report. Mechanical Laboratory MECH-TEST can provide technical assistance and advice in order to comply with the Medical Devices Directive essential requirements. The use of modern equipment and test procedures and highly competent staff guarantee to obtain reliable results and to achieve continuous customer satisfaction.

Our strengths:

  • Experience in testing
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Independence and impartiality
  • The speed and flexibility of action
  • Customer Trust
  • Competitive prices and short deadlines

Benefits of Services:

  • Ensuring meet the requirements of standards
  • Reduction of risks associated with tested products
  • Increasing speed to market
  • Strengthening the competitive position