Baby carriages

CBC MECH-TEST carries out mechanical tests of baby carriages according to the European Standard EN 1888:2012 Child care articles – Wheeled child conveyances – Safety requirements and test methods.

The Standard EN 1888: 2012 “specifies the safety requirements and test methods for wheeled child conveyances, designed for the carriage of one or more children, up to 15 kg each and additional 20 kg on any integrated platform on which a child can stand”.

Tests include, in particular:
– Thermal hazards,
– Mechanical hazards,
– Entrapment hazards,
– Hazards from moving parts,
– Entanglement hazards,
– Choking and ingestion hazards,
– Suffocation hazards,
– Hazardous edges and protrusions,
– Parking and braking devices,
– Stability,
– Structural integrity.

In addition, the evaluation includes: Durability of marking, Product Information, Marking of product, Purchase Information, Instructions for use. A positive test result is the basis for issuance of the certificate of compliance with the standard.

Our strengths:

  • Experience in testing
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Independence and impartiality
  • The speed and flexibility of action
  • Customer Trust
  • Competitive prices and short deadlines

Benefits of Services:

  • Ensuring meet the requirements of standards
  • Reduction of risks associated with tested products
  • Increasing speed to market
  • Strengthening the competitive position